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 Recommendations for steps to the supplier

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PostSubject: Recommendations for steps to the supplier   Mon Oct 01, 2012 1:59 pm

Hopefully people are far enough along now that they've got the nominal stress-strain and true stress-strain curves and are getting towards the end where you have to recommend the steps for the supplier to take to fix the brass cylinders. And I mention 'steps' because it will be more than one step.

Before you dive into suggesting steps, remember that you need to figure out how much drawing (stretching) it's going to take to get the 0.75 in diameter cylinders to be 15 mm. You can find this as a ratio using one of the very important formulas in that Tensile Testing pdf file on CTools.

You obviously want to minimize your number of steps that gets the correct diameter and correct yield stress, but just remember:

1) The drawing process will change both the cross-sectional area as well as the yield strength (remember, the material will follow the stress-strain curve to the right once it has yielded)
2) The annealing process will NOT change the cross-sectional area; it will only 'reset' the mechanical properties of the cylinder (the annealing will follow the stress-strain curve to the left)

You may need to do multiple iterations of these processes depending on how much the cylinders have to be stretched, but hopefully I've given enough of a hint you can all get the rest of the way there.

P.S. We are only doing 'full' annealing processes, so when you do an annealing step, it will take you back down to the start of the stress-strain curve.
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Recommendations for steps to the supplier
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