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 Nominal-stress strain of processed bars

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PostSubject: Nominal-stress strain of processed bars   Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:15 pm

I received the following question:

"I am a little confused about which nominal stress strain curve we should plot. Because the task letter asks us to plot the nominal stress strain curve after processing, which corresponds to the yield stress between 350 and 400 MPa. Or is it ok if we just plot the nominal stress strain curve by using the experimental data whose yield stress is about 185 MPa? Obviously, the curve obtained by using the experimental data directly is the annealed brass rather than the brass after processing."

I think in my mind there are two acceptable ways to handle this:

Option 1) You include one nominal-stress strain curve (the entire curve for the annealed brass), and on that figure you could generate an additional line where the processed bars would lie (this would start at some non-zero strain, have the slope of the elastic modulus, and go up until it intersects the curve at the 'classical' yield stress point).
Option 2) You could make two separate figures. One figure would have the nominal stress-strain curve for the annealed brass cylinders we tested. The second figure would just have the nominal stress-strain curve for the processed bars.

Which method you choose is probably dependent on how you structure the findings section of your report and how you are building up the observations to create a cohesive picture about the final product and how to get there.
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Nominal-stress strain of processed bars
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